Junior Golf Summer Camps in Naples & Fort Myers, FL

Impact Zone Golf is offering summer golf camps for juniors 6-17 years old.

Impact-Based® Teaching will give your junior golfer all the tools needed to progress, no matter what age or skill level!

Our skilled instructors work to address the unique needs of their junior players- from basics all the way to more advanced concepts and techniques.

Our camps are offered during the summer, 3 day weekend winter holiday breaks, and several spring break schedules, as well as every week during the summer. These camps incorporate our Impact-Based® instruction, along with games and drills for skill development as well as opportunities to put newly honed skills to the test. For advanced players, we also include advanced technologies such as TrackMan4, Foresight, CoachNow, Swing Catalyst high speed video and pressure mat systems and K-Coach 3D biomechanics. For ages 6-17.

Camp Highlights


IZG Camps are designed to inspire new golfers and further the development of those playing at a beginner to intermediate level. Participants are segmented into smaller groups based on their experience and age to learn and hone their skills with a strong emphasis placed on golf’s fundamentals while having fun!


IZG Camps provide an opportunity for intermediate to advanced junior golfers to continue to improve their skills as well as develop better course management expertise. Participants are segmented into smaller groups based on their ability level and age in order to create a favorable learning environment. A lunch break will be given and campers are encouraged to bring a lunch or purchase lunch at the golf facility.


beginner to intermediate.

Camp Dates & LoCation