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I’m having trouble with my workhorse not getting through the ball. Any tips?

March 13, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

This is a common problem.  ABC news came into our Indoor Performance Center and filmed this segment of Bobby explaining how the workhorse helps create great impact.  The the new Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate, we now not only see Balance information, but can now see the critical 3 dimensional ground force activations of:  Horizontal, Torque and Vertical.  Bobby discusses how to be able to measure these and get the workhorse working!!!

If you need a refresher: Workhorse is the term Bobby uses to describe the utilization of the ground forces to activate the lower body to deliver club head lag through the Impact Zone.


  1. I watched the video and can see where the tech would help with diagnosis. But what drills can you offer that will make our workhorse work without us having access to that tech?

    1. Charlie,
      Excellent question and many can’t get down to Naples and take advantage of all our Swing Catalyst Balance Plates and especially our new 3D Motion Pressure Plate. I also keep the balance plate technology with me in Carmel during the summer. The advantage of this technology is the biofeedback that it gives you. When you can measure the effectiveness of the workhorse and be able to see “numbers”, then you can apply “feel” to “real” and make rapid improvement. But I realize this isn’t possible for many, so I will do a Clampett’s Corner for you with a drill.
      To better impact,

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