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So Bobby, why not start the swing in the impact position? It seems to me that would simplify the ability to be there at impact.

November 14, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Bobby explains how it’s important to know how a forward hands address position affects your impact. For most people it moves dynamic #5 more in to out, and reduces load on the backswing. But there’s more to it – In this video, Bobby shares insights with you to help you make that decision.



  1. I’m a right handed golfer and my left foot spins out during my downswing. Is there anything I can do to help eliminate this from happening as I believe this causes me to mishit some of my shots, i.e. pulling my shots to the left.

    1. William,
      Clearly, improper footwork can lead to a swing path (Dynamic #5) that is out to in. I would have to see what you do on our new Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate to know for sure.
      To better impact,

  2. I find when I concentrate on having my swing bottom four inches in front of the ball, I tend to block the shot. I make solid contact with the ball, but I miss my target line to the right by 20 to 30 yards. How do I correct this?

    1. Ernie,

      Most likely your clubface is open at impact. Does this happen equally with irons and woods? Could also be toe hits. Would have to see you to know for sure and how to best fix it.
      To better impact,

  3. I always start with my hand ahead of the ball at address…..I suffer from an in to out swing path, divots always pointing right of target and always hit a low trajectory draw with my irons. I don’t hit that sort of shot shape with my driver as my hands aren’t ahead of the ball at address.

    Can’t wait to get to the course tomorrow and set up with my hands perpendicular to the target.

    1. James,
      First, you need to define steep? Where is your swing bottom? Where is your path? Anything else about steep? Usually, fixing Dynamic #2 and #5 fixes steep.
      To better impact,

  4. Avatar

    “…, “didn’t f[l]ail, but neglected to mention the waggle sequence as a rehearsal of the hands-forward position that is assimilated before take-back as to match the physiological perception, i.e., “muscle-memory,” of impact through the pre-shot routine. G.S.E.D. A.R.A. out…”

    1. If you want to add a waggle sequence, you can. The key is does it improve your impact! From one GSED to another!
      To better impact,

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