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I attended one of your clinics at The Ritz-Carlton. I have a continuous problem with hitting skulls and thin golf shots on a regular basis. I have your DVDs but wondered if you have anything specific that I could work on. I believe I’m releasing very early on the downswing and not very sure what to do.

June 22, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

Great question Butch!

First, let’s take a look at the effects of releasing the club early before I show you a great drill to help you practice and improve your impact.

So, what causes a thin shot?

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Simply put, releasing the club early will cause an outward-in swing path and a rearward swing bottom. All of this can be told by the location and low point of your divot.

Once you understand your tendencies, you can improve your divot using the tic-tac-toe drill. I demonstrate how you use that drill in today’s video.

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  1. hi,
    I have all your dvds… I have a ? though. To get the swing bottom 4″ in front of the ball…… I need to
    slide my body to the left side on the downswing in order to get my swing bottom 4″ ahead of the ball. This action moves my whole body towards the target on the downswing. At my lesson, I was told this is a big no no and I should keep my body behind the ball at impact. If i keep my body behind the ball on the downswing, i cannot get the contact out in front. How can i move my body to the left side, but not my upper body without straining my back. 4″ is a lot of forward motion. any suggestions? YOur Dvds do not address this dilemma.

    1. Jennifer ,Pretty simple to cure :when you get your downswing ,put (Clamp !) your left heel energetically down:this will cause your body to move forwards and turn around the left leg (Don’t slide ,for God’s sake ).To turn on your left leg ,you have to lift the right heel ,as in every throwing motion

      1. That’s somewhat misleading. In the weight transition forward there is a small but perceptible bump towards the target that advances your swing bottom. Simply stepping down on your forward foot alone won’t get you there. The workhorse moves the lower body forward as the upper body tilts slightly away from the target (meaning the head stays behind the ball at impac).

      2. thank you. best advice I”ve used yet. It works like magic…love it. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Often ,hitting thin is caused by the awful “CHICKEN WING “.If you don’t let the arms extend ,you’ll reduce the width of the arc and you will “thin” or” top” the ball .Swing with “POWERLESS ARMS “-no tension ,no force in the arms -the core propels the club,and the club head bottoms out after the ball ,creating that nice clean divot

  3. With being in the 5th year of drought in Southern California, with the fairways as hard as “adobe”. it is very difficult to take a divot with the swing bottom 4-in. beyond the ball. Do you have any suggestions ?

  4. Could you talk about losing your spine angle? cause and effect ? Stand up and release early / release early and stand up.
    Can you dig it?

  5. Bobby: your reply to Butch helped to identify his problem, but didn’t answer his specific question to identify any drills he could use to correct his issue of thin shots (or releasing too early).

    1. Roger,
      Fair enough, but it’s always challenging to keep the videos at 2 minutes and give specific information and drills. Those answers can be different for different people depending on their cause of thin shots. I can think of at least 7 causes and only when I can see the player can I determine which is their cause and how to best fix it. I wish everyone had the same swing! Would make my job a lot easier!

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