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Bobby demonstrates how the latest technology from Swing Catalyst can help your game.

Bobby C.
April 04, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Even though I’m no longer on the Tour, I still work on my own game a little bit and I’m gaining so much knowledge and information about my own game and my students’ from using the new 3D Pressure Plate by Swing Catalyst.

In today’s Clampett’s Corner I want to show you how it works and how it can help you understand all the different aspects of what’s going on at impact and how it will help your game too. Check it out!


  1. Hi Bobby, hope you are well, I came over from England to your golf school in Naples on the 11th November last year.
    Just to update you, I was completely out of season then and didn’t perform as good as I had wanted,however, the instruction has certainly helped me a lot now we are into the season over here.
    If there is a specific in the fundamentals that I am struggling with it is the “Workhorse”, still not happy with getting onto my left side, certainly with the Driver.
    I am about to sign up for the Digital info which should certainly help.
    I will be coming back of and will want to visit your indoor facility, how much of the year are you in attendance ?
    Looking forward to seeing you again.

    1. Alan,
      Good to hear from you and I remember you well. Clearly, on going coaching is always the best solution to keep the improvement going. In the golf school we were able to assess, prioritize and create your initial plan of attack which leads to your improvement. Without any followup, students often fall prey and revert back to what is comfortable and what their developed pattern is. In person help is always best, but with our in the cloud technology, we can help students ongoing through remote lessons. We could try one and see how it works for you. The digital academy, http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com is the best resource for you to gain and more complete understanding of your game through Impact-Based® instruction. In it, I have several videos on numerous topics which you will find very helpful, including drills to improve your workhorse. When you are able to schedule a visit back to Naples, I would encourage that. We have even upgraded our facility and now have the new Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate, which is the best Workhorse technology in the industry and will give you the biofeedback you need to develop the right feels of a powerful and effective workhorse, leading to a more powerful and consistent impact. Call our main number when you can to see my schedule. Call 239-236-5536 or email OMesner@impactzonegolf.com. I also travel to Carmel in June and will have the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate/video/launch monitor system available as well. Looking forward to having you back, To better impact, Bobby

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