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I’m pretty good with my impact on the range, but have trouble taking it to the course.  Any suggestions?

March 21, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

George writes in this week, “I’m pretty good with my impact on the range, but have trouble taking it to the course.  Any suggestions?”  

Most golfers struggle with taking practice to the course.  It is key to always make your practice as much like your play.  ABC news came into our Indoor Performance Center and filmed this segment of Bobby explaining how having the Foresight Indoor Simulator is a great intermediary between practice and actual playing on the course.  It helps one get focused on process and not results, a key principal to having success on the course.


  1. Avatar
    Michael Spielzinger

    I wonder if the problem George is describing is the result of hitting off a mat during practice. I believe that in many instances the flexibility and toughness of a mat prevents a mishit by allowing the club to sweep into the ball and make decent impact, whereas the same stroke would have resulted in a fat shot if the player had been hitting from turf.

    1. Michael,
      Good point. That could be. I’m not a fan of mats. If you must hit on them, you must be very aware of your low point as most people tend to scoop the ball and that works much better off a mat than on the grass.
      To better impact,

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