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I’m struggling with retaining lag at impact. Any tips?

May 22, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Brent asks how to keep from throwing the lag out at the bottom of his swing. Though several causes can be found, Bobby had a recent discovery and is revealed in this week’s Clampett’s Corner and might just be the tip that helps you sustain clubhead lag and improve your impact.


  1. Bobby, what is your opinion of “exit low and left” which is reputed to be a key for Ben Hogan

    1. Travis,
      Good question and it certainly has become a very popular recommendation among many teachers. The problem is that if you have a golfer who has an out to in swing path and you teach them this, it will make their impact worse. You can’t “cookie cutter” teach as too many do and suggest. Hogan struggled with a path that was too in-to-out, therefore it worked well for him!

  2. I notice you have a little move after your waggle where you adjust your left arm and shoulder to a certain position. Can you explain the purpose of this move?

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