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Please address how to hit it far!

April 19, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Getting more distance in your golf game can be achieved in a few different ways. Of course, increased fitness is one way. But what we REALLY want is distance with CONTROL. And the best way to achieve that is through quantity and quality of clubhead lag. Watch the video below for a demonstration of exactly what I mean. And if you want more drills for increasing lag, click here.


  1. Vincent "Vito" Catlett

    Awesome… I just discovered your system & videos @ 48 yrs old. The teachings and trainings have had an immediate impact on my overall golf performance. I only wish I could’ve discovered this much sooner @ a younger age! Thanks for creating the Impact Zone. Highly recommend it to all golfers.

  2. hi
    I am worried your system would confuse me since I am a one plane golfer…. u mention lag a lot.. Mr. Jim hardy doesn’t stress lag as it happens naturally… will this confuse me? it would be nice to be more consistent and hit it longer though… without giving up my one plane swing..

  3. If I understand the lag is very important but the hips turning must be accelerate when it comes to impact It must be coordonate Means hit turn faster at impact..no arms involved..they just follow tx

  4. Can you use the same motion for irons as well? I really struggle with hit my irons. There always very short, and either fat or thin

  5. Booby C , is the first and only instructor to get it for the average golfer , 5 point dynamics easy to grasp , if you do not follow him now you will

  6. Bobby have purchased the videos program and have been trying to use playing on the course for two weeks and my scores have gone upward 4 to 6 strokes. Is this normal or do have suggestions when taking the technical information to play a round of golf? Kinda frustrating.

  7. Bobby, really appreciate all of your videos.

    Quick question, how do you maintain lag, yet maintain a shallow angle of approach with your wedges.

  8. i work on the 20 yards and in short game alot since i am GIR-challenged

    i remain impressed by how the pros can land the ball so softly and with
    spin – i work on light grip, crisp descending, outside/in impact and do ok,
    but would like to do better

    any suggestions?

  9. Ur videos have helped me immensely. Thanks Bobby. Is it advisable to put more weight at setup on the back foot? I feel as if I can push off of my right foot more naturally and get into the slot and lag position when I do that instead of the 50/50 weight distribution.

  10. Question for Bobby-

    I’m 65 with a 7 index in the SF Bay Area I’ve always loved your style and your swing.

    I struggle with my grip strength, to the point where I am sometimes uncontrollably “regripping” during my swing, with predictably bad results. If I grip lightly, I have better lag but less clubhead feel or shot control. If I grip tightly, I have better swing feel but end up with more power pulls or high fades. Are there any good cues or drills to maintain clubhead feel with the loose grip you promote ? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  11. How do you hit a low trajectory (punch) iron shot for example with a 5 iron? I play in a windy environment and need that shot through the bag.
    If you move the ball back from it’s normal inside the left heel position to decrease the loft, does that not alter the dynamics?
    Taking a less lofted club and hitting from the normal ball position I find adds to many variables.

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