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This week we thought you might enjoy a recent interview Bobby did with one of golf’s great personalities, Michael Williams. Enjoy!

Bobby C.
January 02, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Bobby recently sat down with Michael Williams, one of golf’s great personalities in a 30-minute interview covering his playing days, what he learned as a CBS announcer, comments on some current swings and his passion for instruction and the golf swing.


  1. Decent handicapper that is always fighting the left to left ball flight. I also lose distance with wedges as I am afraid to yank another one. Ball flight is also high.

    1. Clearly Chuck, You have some issues with impact. Path and Swing Bottom (Dynamics #5 and #2) would be the first place to start evaluating and assessing, then I would go from there.

  2. It’s 33 minutes long, but worth putting some quiet time aside to listen to it. For me, the best nugget is towards the end, when Bobby explains the downside of club fitting, something I have suspected for a number of years, but have never heard discussed until now.There is much money to be made in club fitting, which explains why this obvious downside has been kept below the radar.

    1. Thank you Murray, I’m not throwing the clubfitting industry completely under the bus, that’s just what most of them do. I know that those that work with us in our World Headquarters (Club Champion) do a great job and understand that it is best to come for a clubfitting with good impact. It really is the responsibility of the student or person coming in for the clubfitting to have this knowledge, but sadly so few do. Fix your impact first, then get fit, that’s my suggestion!

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