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How do I get rid of my chicken wing?

August 23, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

There are actually two different types of chicken wings. The first is the most common chicken wing and that is when people come into the ball, they break down the left wrist and the left elbow starts to hinge as a result of a broken down dynamic #1 flat lead wrist.


    1. Joe,
      After impact, it doesn’t matter, since the ball is gone. I encourage my students to feel the sustaining of lag through impact though, as this stabilizes Dynamic #1.
      To better impact, Bobby

  1. When you strike the ball with either, Driver, wood or iron, where is you dominate eye looking? Front of the ball, back of the ball, top of the ball or does it change at all.

    1. Peter,
      Common question that I have received and responded to. The key lies in where is your current impact and how to make it better. No blanket rule for everyone.

    1. The Jordan Speith type of chicken wing doesn’t need fixing! The other kind gets fixed through better applying the load, lag, workhorse sequencing. Thanks for your feedback,
      To better impact,

  2. My drive goes high and straight. I like the straight part but not the high. Because I feel it takes away from my distance. I’ve lost about 30 yards on my drive. How can I hit it lower and still keep it straight?

    1. Scott,
      Are you hitting the ball too high in the clubface? Sounds like you are. Tee the ball up lower. If you are hitting too high from the center of the face, that’s a more complicated issue that could be the club or your impact. I would have to see in person.
      To better impact,

    1. Steve,
      Probably the best drill is to use the “impact snap” training aid. We carry them in our World Headquarters, indoor studio in Naples. It’s a great tool.
      To better impact,

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