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With the driver, how close should I stand from the ball at address?

November 06, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Many golfers have a common flaw with the driver that negatively affects their impact – they don’t get the right distance from the ball at address. Recently, Bobby discussed this topic on the Golf Channel and showed how to get the proper distance at set up to crush solid drives.


  1. When the pros are waiting around during a tournament, I see a lot of them staying lose by just swinging the club with their left arm. V.J. and Phil seem to almost let go of the club with their right hand during a full swing. Should we focus more on using the left side, ie. left arm and hand (for right-handers) to swing the club and less on the right side?

    1. Dan,
      Drills should be specific to each individual. Drills, like the left arm swing drill, are for those who hit too much with the right hand. However, I’ve noticed that most students are too upper body powerful and when they learn to effectively use the ground is when they improve the most.
      To better impact,

  2. I seem to shank the ball a lot with my short irons. This video made me think I may have a similar problem of setting up too close. Thoughts?

  3. I am having trouble hitting the driver 6 handicap seems lately I come across it and loops to the right and have lost distance seems like all clubs use to have a draw also wondered if her lesson to help with some one have lots of lessons with Marty lawicki but I am in Florida and have had my grandson with you I am the professional bowler you worked with

    1. Hi Randy,
      Yes, I remember you! Driver issues like yours is very common. Most people set up differently and sometime swing differently with the driver, leading to Dynamic #5 path to move too far out to in. Hurry back, we’ve made HUGE improvements to our studio and facilities!
      To better impact,

  4. Thank you Bobby for your impact zone approach to golf. I’m now a 9 handicap trending to 8.0 and always hovered around 12 and hardly ever took a divot with my irons. seamed to pick them clean most of the time but started to hit more fat shots and loosing distance with all my clubs. Since watching your impact zone videos I have my distance back, hitting straighter shots and playing more fairways with my driver. I’m getting the divot beyond the impact zone. Still work in progress. My playing partners have noticed the difference and told me to go back to what I was doing before because I am beating them more than I was before.

    1. Darrell,
      I’m grinning ear to ear! Better impact, Better golf, it’s really that simple!
      To better impact,

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