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Hello Bobby, My big miss is the push. I have slight pushes with my irons and a big push with my driver. The more I go at it with the driver the further straight right it goes. My usual ball flight is a high fade. Any advice? It drives me crazy!

February 06, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Hi Tim,

Great question! Sounds like you’re not activating your workhorse enough, and you’re shifting your weight out into your toes. This doesn’t give the club face time to square up to where it needs to be. Try engaging the workhorse more rotationally, as well as lateral shift- getting your weight into your lead heal. This will help straighten out Dynamic #5.


  1. I am 87 years of age and still play regularly, Am shooting my age. Glad I can still play. I have difficulty utilizing the work Horse. Any suggestions for old guys?

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