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Can you tell us about Dustin Johnson’s wrist position at the top of the swing?

June 27, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

With his recent landslide 6 stroke win in Memphis, Dustin Johnson has over taken Justin Thomas to once again claim #1 in the Official World Golf Rankings.  His great ball striking was again evident in his 3rd place finish at Shinnecock in the US Open.  Steve wrote in and asks about Dustin Johnson’s wrist position at the top of the swing and if he thinks golfers should try to get into that position.

Is the top of the backswing position an issue of style, that is it does it not matter, or does it affect your impact? Watch my video below to find out.

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    John Fitzgerald, Jr.

    Bobby, hope you’ve been well. My wife and I really enjoyed our time with you a few years ago at your Academy at Quail Lodge. The time was well spent and the “impact” concept has made a consistent improvement in my game. Recently I had hip replacement surgery (right hip) and have recently started playing again. Having a bit of an issue with the “work horse” getting to and from my right side. I know as we all get older many folks have experienced hip replacement and may have experienced the same problem? Any thoughts or suggestions? Best wishes to you and your lovely wife!

    1. Hi John,
      So good to hear from you. Yes, everyone is slightly different, especially when dealing with physical issues like hip replacements. The key is to get the most strength and mobility you can, then come see me and we’ll figure out your best way to deliver a lagging club into the ball for optimum impact and consistency. Call our main number anytime at 239-236-5536 to schedule when you are ready.

  2. I am a senior golfer who learned late in life so I can only get a 3/4 backswing. Can I still get sufficient lag to have the proper release at impact. Thanks I love the tips and way you present them.

    1. Thank you Brian,
      As we get older, all of our backswings shorten as we loose mobility of the core muscles. The good news is that quality of lag is not predicated on the length of the backswing. One can have great lag on a chip or even a putt with a very short backswing. Sounds like most seniors, you might be concerned with loosing distance. I have lots of ways to increase distance, but finding what’s right for you is personal and can only be accomplished with my personal help.

  3. Bobby you talk about focusing 4″ in front of the ball with your iron, does the same focus point apply when hitting the wood?

    1. Kerry,
      Yes it does, especially when hitting the ball off the fairway. However, woods are designed to brush the ground and not dig into the ground like an iron, therefore under most types of turf, you won’t get a very big divot. Also, the 4 inch in front swing bottom is accomplished with a shallower angle of attach with longer clubs. You didn’t mention the Driver which is a whole different subject and is best tackled in my Advanced DVD #1, The Driver available in our store on our website http://www.impactzonegolf.com.

  4. driver backswing very erratic and so is ball flight, left knee replacement is there any help before I buy fishing license

    1. Elliott,
      Sounds like the left knee might be giving you some trouble. As the posting leg for the workhorse, it is important, but I have students that I have taught to work around it. The key is what is the pain and mobility. Everyone is different, so I have to see it. You mentioned the backswing is very erratic which can lead to some inconsistencies, but I can’t help but wonder if you are applying the 5 Dynamics well which will give you your greatest margin for error.

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