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Do you have any drills I can practice when it’s cold out?

John E.
January 30, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Here’s one of my favorite indoor drills that is perfect to keep your swing going in the winter. I used this drill so much years ago when I wasn’t competing. This drill helped me to keep my game sharp and I even qualified and made the cut in the 2000 US Open, because I was using this drill.

In this week’s Clampett’s Corner, I take you through one of my favorite indoor drills that you can try yourself with only a strip of tape to get the bottom of your swing arc in front of the ball for better ball striking.


    1. Jim,
      Hitting the ball in the center of the clubface or sweetspot is key to being a good driver. Having awareness of face strike is key. Adjusting the tee height helps greatly on the vertical plane of the strike. If you’re looking for more distance, extra clubhead speed is key but it must be created the right way to be consistent and accurate. Did you watch Phil Mickelson’s amazing victory at Pebble Beach last week. Check out the article below!!! At the age of 48, Phil is starting the process of trying to slow down father time. With age comes the inevitable slower clubhead speeds. Phil has found what we have found, and this guarantees more clubhead speed. The secret to developing more clubhead speed on not loosing any consistency or accuracy is a two step process: 1. Develop good impact through a highly functional Load, Lag and Workhorse process in your swing. This will get you to the best impact. Then, you need to train your body through overspeed training ((Superspeed) to learn how to make the workhorse move stronger and faster through impact, increasing your clubhead speed. If you think Phil’s comments aren’t true, I’ve witnessed Phil on multiple occasions taking the Superspeed sticks to the range prior to practice or a round.
      We also just installed the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate in our World Headquarters Indoor Performance Center in Naples. Now we can actually monitor you ground force activation in 3 directions and see with our own eyes how effective you use your workhorse. If you think this technology is common place, we’re only the 2nd facility in the entire state of Florida to get one. Of course Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar and many more tour players have it at their home, so you could ask them to use theirs. LOL

      Discover for yourself how to not only gain distance, but do it in a way that increases margin of error and consistency!!! Better impact=Better Golf!!! It’s really that simple!


  1. Bobby,

    How do I stop swaying into the ball.. I try to get the workhorse going but tend to sway instead. 62 years old and 6′ 4″ tall…?

    1. Marc,
      Many good players sway. By itself, that’s an issue of swing style and isn’t necessarily bad. The key you must understand is, how does the sway affect your impact.
      To better golf,

  2. Bobby, I once gave you several suggestions for edits that needed to made to your Student Success Manual. It looks like you could use my help, again. Your latest video using carpet tape to practice indoors is titled: “Miss the take (the take??) for better ball-striking”. I know this is a nit, but I’m picking it because I expect better from you.

    1. Thanks Fred! You’re the best! I still remember your coming to one of my Signature Schools wanting to one day break 80 and you called two weeks later and shot a 68! How’s the game these days? Yes, that one slipped through our editing process. I will let our editing team know.
      To better impact,

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