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How do I control distance off the tee with my 3-wood?

February 13, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Did you watch any of the pros hitting their tee shot on hole #8 at Pebble Beach last week on TV? In last week’s Clampett’s Corner I gave you a simple way of breathing before a shot to help play tension free, especially important on holes like #8 at Pebble when you’re hitting your second shot over a chasm.

This week watch as I show you how to control distance with your 3-wood off the tee to help set up a much more manageable second shot.


    1. Barry,
      Excellent question and one that requires deeper explanation of Dynamic #1, the flat lead wrist. The answer is yes, but can vary slightly depending on where the low point is with the driver. Dynamic #1, the flat lead wrist at impact gives the face the greatest stability at impact and thus greatest control. When looking at a photo face on, the lead wrist can be flat, but the hands may not appear to be much in front of the clubshaft at impact, due to the low point being at the ball or even behind the ball. Regardless of where the low point is or how much forward shaft lean exists at impact, Dynamic #1 is a key Dynamic to face control.

    1. Rob,
      The lead wrist is ideally flat at impact with all shots. I often discuss this Dynamic #1 with putting, since it is the first Dynamic in the Impact Zone and the game is best learned from the putting green back to the tee. The lead wrist should also be flat at impact in the full swing, to maximize face control.

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