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In order to hold your club head lag, do you pull down with your left arm while you turn?

Ray Nolan
September 23, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

That’s a very good question, Ray. The answer is no- lag is created independently of the body or the workhorse. It is created as a result of the load at the top of the backswing, transitioning into lag on the downswing. I explain in more detail in today’s video:

Clampett’s Corner Ray from Impact Zone Golf on Vimeo.


  1. Bobby,

    You often refer to “the workhorse”. Can you define the workhorse? Is it the core and legs turning back towards the target?

  2. One of your worst explanations. From your explanation or whatever – it shows you know nothing about Lag!!????????

    Workhorse ?!!!???
    The guy asked what starts or maintains the lag and you gave gobllegigook!!! Disgusting!

    So what starts,
    how and
    how is lag maintained ,
    till when and
    when is it released
    and how?

    Describe step by step and show transition in slow motion or 15 / 20pictures at various stages up to impact and a few pictures after impact.

    I know you will not answer this.

  3. Ray, unfortunately, Bobby’s answer was not clear and only because I’ve been working on my own lag and have improved quite a bit do I feel I can offer up an explanation. The elements of lag are in place at the top of the backswing assuming you have a bent right arm with your elbow tucked into your side and a fully cocked right wrist at the completion of your backswing (Im assuming you’re right handed). Those angles at your wrist and elbow are the key to solid contact and power. You must maintain those angles as long as possible as you start down to the ball. That creates the lag!! And here’s the other key point. There is no pulling down with the arms. Your arms and hands do no conscious part in the downswing, they simply follow the turn of your hips and body and go along for the ride. This is critical. As son as you release (straighten) your right elbow, or wrist, you lose the lag and all the power you’ve created. It can also cause you to hit fat or thin, so here’s what happens … The beginning of the downswing is initiated by replanting your left heel to the ground and then a slight bump outward and turning of the left hip. As that left hip turns your right elbow should be dropping right onto your right side. It should stay right there all the way to impact. You should also not that as your elbow is pined to your right side that wrists should still be fully cocked. Try to maintain the elbow and wrist angles all the way to impact. You do this by pointing the butt end of the club at the ball on the downswing, but don’t pull the butt end down with your hands. It will fall down as you turn your hips (the workhorse) to the left. So, the turning of the hips and core of your body delivers the arms and hands to the ball and maintains the angles (lag) with the elbow and wrist. THERE IS NO CONSCIOUS EFFORT BY THE ARMS AND HANDS, LET YOUR BODY TURN MOVE THE HANDS AND ARMS AND SQUARE THE CLUB TO THE BALL FOR A POWERFUL HIT !! I didn’t mean to be this long winded, but I hope that helps Ray.

  4. Good reminder of using the workhorse. Got me back to thinking of how to store the lag through impact.

  5. Hi Bobby,

    I’m a very short golfer, at only 5′ 5″. I’m always looking for ways to improve and have enjoyed watching several of your videos. I remember reading in a magazine article a while ago, that the divot should be “about the size of a dollar bill,” and according to your data, 4″ in front of the ball. I’m wondering if, due to my height (and assuming a smaller swing radius), any of that changes?

    Thanks so much.

  6. This part of the downswing has been my downfall ! I cannot seem to stop driving down with my arms and hands, particularly my hands. Now that I’m concerned with attempting to move my hands somewhere in front of the ball at impact this is even been more of an issue. My shots are now very inconsistent since I have been trying to get my hands to release in front of the ball. I can’t get out of my own way in the downswing. Help!

  7. Where does the 4 inch divot occur if you are attempting to hit a draw or a fade. Is it going to the right for a draw and to the left for a fade.

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