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June 07, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

After winning two of the first three FedEx Cup playoff events, Bryson DeChambeau is going into this week’s final event as the man to beat. Bryson can win $10 million for the first prize of the FedEx Cup in addition to any prize money he would earn this week.

I grew up with Bryson’s dad, Jon and his longtime coach, Mike Schy, playing junior golf in Northern California. Bryson is a good friend of our family and comes to visit when he is in the Naples area. Recently, he was in our studio where I had a chance to really watch his swing.

Here are some of my thoughts about Bryson’s swing


  1. I enjoyed your analysis of Bryson’s swing. Would you say he is a disciple of the Moe Norman single plane approach?

    1. Claude,
      Clearly there are some similarities between Bryson’s swing and Mo Norman, but also a lot of differences. I wouldn’t call Bryson a disciple of Mo’s swing. Bryson’s has his own style.

  2. Great video. I learned the single plane swing 20 years ago following the Moe Norman process teachers. It really helped me be consistent. I am 71 now and unable to play anymore due to health situations but certainly think the single plane swing can help some folks be more consistent at impact and scoring over all.

    1. Jim,
      The most important aspect of the swing is what is happening at impact. Whether you are a single plane swinger or not, you can create great impact and be a great player. I think too many people are so “style based” in their thinking that they think a one plane swing is the answer. It’s not, better impact is!

  3. As a 75 year old with 65 years of golf experience, I’ve got all my irons (7 through wedges) and hybrids (3 through 6) @ a single length of 37″. I’ve done this for the past 7 years. It’s helped me stay long with my short clubs and consistent with my long clubs. We all do what we can to maintain as we age. Bryson plays with one length clubs, I believe, and he surely seems to be a very consistent striker of the ball. As always Bobby, thanks for your great videos and positive spirit.

  4. Hi Bobby
    Just caught this video of Bryson Dechambeau swing that you posted.
    I have been copying his move and I must say it has given my game so much more consistency and my confidence over the ball is better as I now trust my swing. Can you please give some of your thoughts on what his trail arm is doing throughout the swing it seems very stable at impact.
    Regards Yoee

    1. Yoee,
      Bryson doesn’t intentionally activate his right arm through the impact zone. He understands that to maintain lag, he needs to have a great workhorse to deliver the lag through impact so that the clubface isn’t mainipulated.
      To better impact,

  5. Thanks for trying to make golf easier for all of us. I am curious as to what we are supposed to look at when we start our swing. Do we look at the ball or a little bit in front of the ball? Thanks again.

    1. John,
      The first step in determining whether you need to look in front of the ball or not is to identify where your swing bottom actually is. With 99% of my students, I am able to get their swing bottom where it needs to be with their greatest power without having them look forward of the ball.
      To better impact,

  6. bobby i have gotten many opinions on this . all different. my ball came to rest on the edge of a steep green. the ball stopped against a piece of foreign matter that had blown on the green. after marking the ball and removing leaf bunch. the ball would not stay in place when placed back in front of ball mark. the grade was so steep the ball continued to roll 6 feet closer to hole. how do you handle this situation. thanks clay parsons

    1. Clay,
      I would refer to a rules official, but I do know that you must replace the ball in the nearest point to where it was marked, no nearer to the hole. If that point is 6 feet away, then so be it.
      To better impact,

  7. I understand the power comes from your work horse- you push off your back foot and rotate your hips- I seem to push off my back foot put I’m too lateral without the rotating of the hips- in a practice swing no problem, with a ball I’m too upright- any suggestions to get me to rotate?
    I’m coming to see you the end of oct!! Looking forward to it as well as your answer to my question thanks!

    1. Neal,
      Thanks for your question and I look forward to working with you in a month or so at our Headquarters in Naples. Workhorse moves, including amount of hip and pelvis rotation are related to a combination of anatomic issues as well as sequencing of the load and lag. Without seeing you, it would be impossible for me at this point to hypothesize. When I will see you, we will start by evaluating your golfing goals, a complete impact assessment and work backwards from there to determine what advice I might have for your workhorse and how it relates to your swing. My strategy of Impact-Based® instruction is so different from what most teachers teach. Knowing you have had lots of lessons before, you will see your swing from a whole new perspective. That I can promise. To better impact, Bobby

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