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Where should my clubshaft be prior to impact?

January 10, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

No matter what your backswing position is, the key is when you come down you want the clubshaft parallel to the target line so the club head end is pointing to the target line all the way to and through impact.

Bobby explains how to create proper impact when striking the golf ball in this week’s Clampett’s Corner.


  1. dont have much flexibility in my right wrist. 45 degrees palm on table and flex upward with hand. can that cause an impact problem and if what do I do?

    1. Bill,
      I have several students with that issue. Impact Based Teaching understands that all students are different, but impact is the same. Each student has to find their style of swing that works for them to arrive at their best impact. Your issue is better to have in the right hand than the left, but both are capable of still creating dynamic impact.
      To better impact,

  2. Interesting. But the position of the hands in the down swing where the “shaft in line with the target path” starts? From slo-mo I can see it’s about hands just at or forward of the ball. And it’s only one video frame from parallel behind the ball to parallel in front of the ball. Lot’s of wrist action! If one doesn’t keep clubhead face in line with target through transition zone, you’ll get a huge hook?

    1. Rich,
      Not sure I completely understand your question, but two things are important to understand here. One, the hands/wrists are responsible for retaining clubhead lag through the impact interval. Two, the workhorse delivers the lag and allows for the face to square up on the path of the arc. When you start with the correct grip, the ball can’t go left and can’t go to the right since the face becomes so stable at impact. This is the secret to good golf that all tour players do.
      To better impact,

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