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Analysis of Jim Furyk at Impact

October 10, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

The Ryder Cup is in the books.  Captain Jim Furyk gave it his best shot, but those pesky Europeans prevailed in the end.  It will be four long years before the US team can strike back on European soil. Furyk’s rise to the top of Golf’s elite has been marked by incredible consistency over a 20+ year span. He stands #4 on the all-time PGA Tour money list with a swing uniquely his own and one from which he has never swayed.

Here is my Golf Channel discussion about his swing and why he’s so successful.



  1. Furyk tried but he must take complete responsibility for this miserable failure;
    His picks proofed to be a colossal mistake
    and so a coach you cannot spot talent and
    assemble the best team and not your friends or
    old guys who can’t compete or motivate his guys
    to succeed is a one and done; Jim’s a nice guy but his management of the team was a pathetic failure!

    1. Jim,
      Sorry you will miss our first ever Arizona Golf School (almost sold out) the first weekend in December. If you want to get some help, come see me in Naples, Florida or Carmel, California. Call our headquarters to book or inquire at 239-236-5536. To better impact, Bobby

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