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Lag & The Clubface
25 March, 2011 by Bobby Clampett

Visualize to Increase Clubhead Lag

Increase Clubhead Lag

Let me guide you through a visualization exercise designed to help you Lag the clubs successfully through the Impact Zone. First, pick up a club, grip it, and assume your address position. Now go to the top of the backswing and stop. You can close your eyes to really focus on the visualization as you begin the downswing to increase clubhead lag.

Picture your swing with the Lag angle increasing as the club starts into the downswing. Your fingers are firm on the club, but your wrists are free and relaxed. Your hips initiate the downswing with a blend of a forward shift toward the target and a turn, which helps to sustain this increased angle as long as we can on the downswing. In other words, we never let Lag go. By that I mean we never let the left wrist begin to un-cock even the smallest amount, because once it begins to un-cock it keeps going, throwing Lag away with it.

Throwing away your Lag like this is like dumping all your groceries onto the living room floor before getting them to the kitchen; you’ll have nothing to cook when you get to the stove!

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  1. I am a left handed golfer… And when I try to do this all I do is shank it to the left every time.. seem like im trying to hold the lag as log as I can, but there is no release.. What can i do to prevent the shanks to the left..

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