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“No Surprise, Bobby was the One to Do it Right!”

“I had played many times against Bobby on the PGA Tour and was always impressed with his in-depth approach to the golf swing. But after working with him at CBS for several years, I have come to understand why. The Impact Zone will reveal to the golf world Bobby’s unique insight as to why so many different ‘styled’ golf swings work. God knows my swing isn't one the named teachers are having their students copy, but it was good enough to win twenty-one PGA Tour events and the '77 PGA Championship. It’s about time someone finally put in print to Lanny Wadkinsrefute the myths about ‘style of swing’ and get down to the meat of the matter — impact! It’s no surprise to me that Bobby was the one to get it done right!”

“Bobby’s Unique Perspective will Have a Profound Impact on the Golf World for Years to Come”

“He is as good a student of the game as I've ever known. What's more, he was a great player in his day, and his journey as he struggled with his swing, as well as his experience as a commentator and observer of the contemporary game, qualifies him more than most as a teacher to whom all interested in improving their golf games should listen. I know I will. His unique perspective will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the golf world for years to come.”

“Thrilled that He’s Sharing this with the World”

“Back when we were both in college, Bobby was a boy genius in golf. For fifteen years as his colleague at CBS, I have continued to be amazed by his comprehensive knowledge of the golf swing. He remains as erudite about the technical nuances of the game as Jim Nantzanyone on the planet, and I am thrilled he is now sharing his expertise with the rest of the world!”

“One of the Most Knowledgeable Minds in Golf”

“Bobby Clampett is a true and loyal friend as well as one of the most knowledgeable golfing minds in the game. He has always known that the strike is what matters most. What the swing looks like is really of no concern; the quality of the impact between club Tom Lehmanand ball is the heart of the matter.”

About Bobby Clampett

Mr. Clampett has worked as a member of CBS Sports’ golf broadcasting team since 1995. In that time, he’s commentated in over 300 PGA Tour Events and in over 50 Major Championships.

He’s an active participant on the Champion’s Tour and recently surpassed $1,000,000 in earnings. As a lifetime member of the PGA Tour, Mr. Clampett has earned more than $2.4 million in over a 18 years of play.

In his rookie season on the Champion’s Tour (2010), he finished 45th on the Tour money-list. In 2011, he finished 57th, and in 2012 he finished 39th.

He is the author of The Impact Zone with Andy Brumer and has developed Impact-Based™ teaching to help all levels of golfers better understand how to improve their golf play.

Impact Zone Golf now has over 100 Certified Instructors around the world, and in 2013 launched their first major market product, the Impact Zone Training System. The same year, Mr. Clampett became the first Tour Player to ever achieve the Advanced Designation as a PGA Certified Professional.

Mr. Clampett is sponsored by PNC Bank. He works independently as a golf course designer and author out of the Impact Zone Golf office in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Mr. Clampett is an active pilot and has logged about 5,000 flight hours since 1987. He flies a 1986 Piper Malibu. He is active in several charity organizations within his community.


Pro Career


1981 – Individual Champion,
USA vs. Japan team matches

1982 – Southern Open

1983 – World Mixed Team Champion,
with Betsy King

Second place Finishes

Italian Open (1981, 1982, 1984),‘81 Bing Crosby Pro-Am, ‘81 Greater Hartford Open, ‘81 Buick Open, ‘81 Buick Westchester Classic, ‘82 Greater Greensboro Open, ‘87 Anheiser-Busch Golf Classic

Third place Finishes

1982 US Open, 1981 Byron Nelson Golf Classic, 1986 Texas Open


• 1978: #1 Ranked amateur in the US.
• 1984: Youngest PGA Tour Pro in history to earn over $500,000 in Official Prize Money
• Top Ten Finishes on the PGA Tour: 33
• PGA Tour cuts made: 232
• Lifetime PGA Tour Earnings Over $1.4 million
• Only two-time Fred Haskins Award winner as top NCAA collegiate golfer

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