Training Tools on the Course – Clampett’s Corner

So you bought yourself a training tool or two.  You’ve used them on the range or practice green.  Now, you want to take these training tools out on the course to help you through your round.  Are you allowed to do it?  You bet.  BUT, you need to make sure you use them properly, or you could get penalized.  It even cost a tour player in recent years, so be careful.

How, when, and why to properly and effectively utilize the training tools that have become precious to you is the subject of this week’s Clampett’s Corner.  Bobby walks you through the ways to make the most out of the training tools that have helped you become a better golfer.  He also delivers a message that will help you not lose strokes via a penalty.  Take them with you, enjoy using them the right way, but just be sure you don’t take a swing with one.  Here’s Bobby with the advice and a story about a tour pro and his training tools.  Enjoy!

The right training aids are pivotal to your golf improvement.
But it begs the question…
Can any of them be used during your next round?
I talk about just that in today’s video about training tools on the course.

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