The Chip Shot Sand Drill

Chip Shot Sand Drill

This “go-to” drill will help develop – or re-focus – a forward swing bottom. The Sand Drill begins by drawing a straight line in the sand, and, using your sand wedge, addressing that line as if it were the ball and you were preparing to hit a chip shot. Now simply make the chip shot swing.

Even though you will not use a ball, the goal is for your club to enter the sand at the front edge of this line, then to continue swinging down and forward, so that the center of the divot lies four inches in front of the line. Look at this picture of me executing the sand drill with my wedge and my chipping stroke. You may be surprised, but the photos indisputably prove that even with the small chipping stroke swing, the center of the divot does, indeed, fall four inches in front of the ball.


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