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K. Russell
25 August, 2015

For the record, over 48 years of playing this great game I’ve purchased numerous golf instruction books, yours is the BEST. Because when done your way the results are flying right in front of you, seriously THANK YOU!!!

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I. Irvine
13 August, 2015

I cannot tell you how much difference your DVD has made to us all! Your method, when I get it right, has added and I am being conservative here, 20 yards to my drives! Some have gone 40 yards further!!

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09 August, 2015

Thank you, Bobby! I came to the school with the goal of learning to hit the ball more solidly and I came away with much more. I had no idea my putting would improve so much as well. I truly feel I now have the tools to take home with me to improve for many months to come.

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09 August, 2015

After playing golf with Bobby Clampett in the 2012 Pacific Links Championship, he gave me and my pro-am partners a 10 minute IMPACT ZONE® clinic, and sent me a personalized, video analysis. I got a very clear picture of what was missing in my impact. It was so simple and I was able to put it together in my very next round, at Waialae Country Club. Even though the greens had been recently airfield, I bettered my best score ever by an incredible 9 strokes and shot a career best 86. I’m so excited. Bobby is an incredible teacher!

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Ed Angulo
21 July, 2015

I have my own success to failure golf story and I was ready to quit golf just as I was ready to be inducted into the PGA. Then, I got Bobby’s book and met him and Impact Zone Golf in Florida. My golfing life is reborn and I love it more than ever. My students are excited and we are seeing mind-blowing results. And all that time I was only 4” away…….

–      Ed Angulo, IMPACT ZONE® Instructor, PGA Certified Professional

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Sam Randolph
14 July, 2015

IMPACT ZONE® concepts help us through the confusion of “which style” or “what method” and takes us straight to the heart of the matter! It is not a method, just 5 dynamic fundamentals that every good player accomplishes in his or her OWN way. My students are playing better, thinking less and having more fun!

–      Sam Randolph, IMPACT ZONE® Master Instructor, PGA teaching and playing professional

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Rodney H.
12 July, 2015

Sincere thank you to Mr. Clampett.  Purchased the Impact Zone first of May 2015 with a 11.5 handicap and now current handicap is 7.4 and dropping… Just wanted to… express my appreciation.  Thank You.

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Ken Martin
07 July, 2015

In 30 years of teaching I have found that it is typical for golfers of all ability to search for a swing style that will produce a consistent desirable impact.  This quest leads to confusion because attention becomes focused on how to swing and away from what the club is doing through impact. Bobby Clampett has crystallized where to focus one’s intent with the 5 Dynamics first defined in his book, The Impact Zone, thereby creating a revolutionary way to both learn and teach the game…leading to a better and happier golf experience!

–      Ken Martin, IMPACT ZONE® Master Instructor

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Herb P.
05 July, 2015


Hi Bobby,
Great book! I read it yesterday and could not put it down!
Over the years (64 – 10 hdcp.) I have taken extended personal instruction from two greats IMHO
Paul Bertholy in Pinehurst and Tom Tomasello in Myrtle Beach. Golf misses these two! Way before their time.
I have never changed from their methods but did not have swing bottom awareness and your aim point is simple genius. (Paul did have a swing bottom drill but it never clicked as it did with your book)…
Watch out senior club championship here I come!
Thank you sir!!


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