•  J. Kuczeski
    For those who can dedicate a few minutes a day towards your learning concepts, I guarantee they will greatly improve their game and begin to enjoy the process of learning on a daily basis!
  •  P. Traino
    I can’t thank you enough for the pearls of wisdom from Impact Zone Golf! The fundamentals have improved my ability to play and more importantly my enjoyment of the game. I have been playing off and on for 30 years and never had anyone explain to me these fundamentals of impact.  Your teaching videos are easy to understand and the fundamentals were easy to incorporate into my pre-existing swing. With understanding of these concepts, it is now easier for me to correct errors as they occurs on the course. Before, I was very hung up on my swing-style.  After focusing on the impact zine fundamentals, my average iron distances have improved by at least ten yards and I am driving the ball straighter and longer than I ever have.  In fact, the driver and fairway woods have long been the worst part of my game. I am on the way to making them one of the best.   I am even now thinking about fading and drawing the ball.  My short game has improved as well. All of this has allowed me to focus more on course management and scoring. Thanks so much for your IMPACT ZONE® Training DVDs and resurrecting my love of the game.
  • B. Foster

    Understood By All Levels

    I want to thank you for the great instruction provided at the Impact Zone Golf School by yourself and your instructors.  The 2 days were extremely well organized, professional, and very informative.  The "Impact Zone" process says it all about making proper contact with the ball, and can be understood by all levels of golfing skill.  It seems to me, that all the other methods of teaching, just add to the confusion of the "perfect" golf swing.  Thank you again!

  • Bob Bowman
    Hi Bobby, My new irons from Callaway plus the instructions we had from you produced one of my best rounds I have ever played. Thank you!
  • Bob Bowman
    Hi Bobby, I finally talked with Callaway out in California and told them I was at your golf camp a couple of weeks ago when you discovered my irons had issues with the lie angle that was then verified by Club Champion in Orlando. Callaway is now talking with Club Champion and Callaway is either going to send me a new set or I may go back to Club Champion and Callaway will make me a set that is fitted just for me if necessary. By you finding the problem in your analysis, I am sure will save me many hours of frustrating golf in the future. I paid over $1,200 for those irons and I would not have known unless I was at your signature golf camp. I am so grateful!!
  • Brian Morin


    Just a quick note of thanks for once again putting on a game changing Impact Zone Golf School this past weekend.  As you know, I had been to the school in 2014, and since I had a buddy who wanted to attend as well, I thought this was a great opportunity for a refresh.  Am I glad I did!  First of all, the new World Headquarters is state of the art.  From the technology employed, to the first rate staff across the board, I was blown away.  You really have every aspect of ACHIEVABLE game improvement covered, from the teaching of the 5 dynamics of great impact, to biomechanical assessment and fitness, to club fitting, and the mental side of the game.  And one of the best things about the weekend I found is that many of the drills you and Paul and your staff showed me…I CAN DO INDOORS DURING THE WINTER!  Finally a way to quantifiable game improvement when it’s too cold to swing outside (last Sunday was -17.8 degrees).

    Please extend my thanks to the entire the staff, I truly feel like I now have a plan to improve and get a better, more consistent golf game.

    Till next time,


  • Chad King

    Bobby - just wanted you to know that with the swing changes you made my driver distance is up 10-15 yards with the ping!! Can't wait to see what the Taylor Made will do!! Chad King

  • Chas McElroy
    I just want to thank you for setting up the weekend for me at IZG last month. I very much appreciate the effort by you, Dan, Paul and Evan. I learned more about golf in one weekend than I ever knew. Each of them were excellent and very patient with me as I have a lot to learn. I have been practicing inside and other than snowing last night the courses are getting ready to go in Minnesota.
    Again, thanks so much!
  • Craig M
    I was at your first academy in April at Gateway.  I just want to pass along how pleased I am at the progress I have been able to make in my golf game.  My handicap was 16 at the time and this week I am at a 13. First of all, every time on the range, I draw a line in the grass to establish the bottom of my swing arc.  The other item is that I am paying close attention to dynamic #3 and #4.  There are days I can feel both dynamics better than others days, but the result is I am longer with my irons.  My driver is giving me 10-20 more yards. I especially like the weekly videos that you send out. Thanks
  • D. Carbone

    The School Was Fantastic!

    I have to tell you the school was fantastic!

     I played for the first time today and didn’t have time to practice and went right to the first tee.  4 over on the front and 1 under on the back.

     Thank you Bobby!

  • D. Giffin

    Dropped 3 Shots in Two Weeks

    I feel now I can identify the causes of my "less than perfect" swings much better than before. I realize that I am improving, my "mis-hits" are much better, and my consistency of ball striking is becoming better each day. In the last two days, I shot 41 on two different 9s (I was a 22 handicap before the School). I shot in the 80's both days, and my handicap has since dropped to 19.3.

    Dropping 3 shots in two weeks (I feel) is terrific, and I'll be a Salesman for the Clampett Academy both verbally and (hopefully) by example.

    Thanks to all of you for the two wonderful days of teaching at the Academy. I really love the experience!

  • Daniel Senekal
    Josh, Thank you very much for your personal time and individual training and instructions you spoiled me with.
    When I played in Palm Springs a few weeks ago , it was truly the first time ever I played when I was not concerned or worried about hitting a 200-220 meter shot using an iron or hybrid. Through better impact using the workhorse first, I consistently was hitting 200+ yards with ease. One par 3 hole was 220 yards to the pin. I used my 4 Hybrid and ended up on the green 15 yards from the pin and made par. Your instructions were truly game-changing. Our courses are not open yet in Northern Alberta, but I practice with an alignment stick just next to the "ball" to help me find a true plane. I am not even hitting any balls. With the wet grass and soil, I can nicely analyze the depth and direction and placement of my divots, making sure it is consistently 3-4 inches in front. I think you will be proud of the progress I have made. I cannot wait to start playing in a few weeks' time. Thanks again for everything!
  • Dave Nesbit

    Dear Bobby,

    Just wanted to say that I bought your book 3 days ago and downloaded the videos yesterday... I have read and watched almost everything and thought I would take it to the range today for a try out. I have never experienced anything with such an immediate improvement as this. Absolutely fantastic. It was a bit disconcerting to focus on an aiming point so far away from the ball but the divots are just as you described. They start at the ball and are deepest about 4 inches in front of the ball. I generally only play 9 holes once a week and regularly shoot low 40's but this is a game changer. I think it will put me in a different class. I'm 58 years of age and have been playing for 2 years. I've read Hogans 5 fundamentals, Mike Stairs book on Hogans lessons and watched many videos on youtube but your approach is brilliant. I am super impressed. Thank you for changing my game.

    Dave Nesbit