18 July, 2017 by Desha Perez

Lee Emrich

Dear Bobby,
Just a quick note to let you know what has been happening with my game since I attended your March 18-19 golf school.
After attending, I read your Impact Zone book to reinforce what I had learned in the school. I also purchased several copies for my close friends only so they would leave me alone in trying to explain the 5 dynamics to them. On the range one day, I briefly shared the concept of using the workhorse to deliver the club head from a fully loaded and lagged position with one of the caddies at Congressional (a 1 handicap). He told me a week later that it totally changed his game and that he had never felt such pure impact in his life!

This is what has happened for me:
1. I now see marks on the club face from more consistently contacting the ball in the sweet spot of the club.
2. I am hitting the ball 10 yards or more farther than I used to.
3. I now see what the trajectory of a 5-iron is supposed to be vs. the low trajectory I used to have from hitting low on the face.
4. I see the backspin on the ball when hitting chips around the green with pure contact ( I still rely on aim point technique in chips to make sure keep dynamic #1 and don’t throw my hands at the ball). I am chipping in the hole more than I ever have in my life.
5. and finally… I won the low gross in the opening day tournament at Congressional Country Club last Saturday.

I am totally committed to the “Impact Zone” and I know there is still more improvement to come. I only wish you could have invented “Impact Zone Golf” 25 years ago so I could have been spared all of that wasted “style” instruction. I will be back next spring for an Impact Zone refresher and tune-up.

Thanks again for better golf through better impact!