01 November, 2015 by Bobby Clampett

J. Silva

I recently purchased the Impact Zone book after reviewing some comments about the book and thought it had a lot to offer. After reading just a few pages of it I knew I was going to learn a lot from your method of teaching. I’ve gone to range the past two weekends and although I haven’t read the entire book (I like to read instructional books slowly and methodically in order not to miss anything) and just by starting out doing the aiming point my ball striking has improved DRAMATICALLY! I’ve read an enormous amount of golf instruction books but your book crystallizes what the golf swing is all about – impact! I’ve been playing golf for 42 years, and I’m a pretty good golfer but I feel I’ve never reached my potential as a golfer, I really believe your book is going to help me make great strides in reaching my full potential.


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