10 November, 2015 by Bobby Clampett

D. Giffin

Dropped 3 Shots in Two Weeks

I feel now I can identify the causes of my “less than perfect” swings much better than before. I realize that I am improving, my “mis-hits” are much better, and my consistency of ball striking is becoming better each day. In the last two days, I shot 41 on two different 9s (I was a 22 handicap before the School). I shot in the 80’s both days, and my handicap has since dropped to 19.3.

Dropping 3 shots in two weeks (I feel) is terrific, and I’ll be a Salesman for the Clampett Academy both verbally and (hopefully) by example.

Thanks to all of you for the two wonderful days of teaching at the Academy. I really love the experience!


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