How to increase distance in your golf game

Bobby here, This week’s question comes from Larry, who wants to put more power in his swing and increase his distance. Although his contact is consistent, he has a bad back and does not have a lot of power in his golf swing. Additionally, he feels like he is slapping at the ball at impact. Well Larry, […]

Brain vs Body Breakthrough

    “So, I have to see you for a few weeks to work on my flexibility and getting me stronger and I should start hitting it better, right?” It may come as a pleasant surprise that some of the quicker and more dramatic breakthroughs that players observe in creating better impact don’t necessarily come from […]

Fitness Equipment: Machines are Overrated!

If there is one thing you notice about the IZG Fitness Lab, it’s that there is literally no place to sit with the exception of our Keiser bike. Our training philosophy here at IZG is that our athletes need to be able to create their own stability and they must be able to do it […]