Swing Styles Don’t Matter

Swing Styles

swing styles

There are many swing styles. Each unique to the player. But so many instructors try to fit students into one style.

That’s because they have had success with that style themselves. What we have to remember is that we are all built differently and have different limitations. We need to have a style that fits our body type and our personal tempo. The key is that we create solid impact and accurate shots with our own style. That’s why at Impact Zone Golf we work on the five things that musto happen during your swing to be a solid ball striker. No matter what your style, those five dynamics are a must to play at your top level. If we look at the Pros above, they all create the five dynamics in their swing. We can see that at the top- they all load the club which is dynamic number three. Some more than others. To get power, the club must be loaded during the backswing to the top. This is how power is set, and on the downswing the load or lag is maintained down to impact. The more the club is loaded on the backswing, the more power is created.

swing styles

Of course the workhorse is also a great contributor to power. It helps deliver and maintain the lag into impact.

Some players lose lag on the downswing and some add more lag on the downswing. But if the club is not loaded properly on the backswing then there will be very little lag and power on the downswing. So remember that no matter what your swing style may be, you need to load the club on the backswing to create the proper lag you will need on the downswing to play your best. “Swing styles don’t mean Jack , it’s all about impact.”

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