Warm Up
10 January, 2017 by Bernard Sheridan

Warm Up Correctly

Warm Up

Proper warm up is essential to reducing injuries and playing your best. So many players warm up by hitting balls. This can lead to injuries and also poor swing habits. If your muscles are tight and you start hitting balls to get lose you will have to adjust your shots before you are truly warmed up. This can lead to minor adjustments in your swing that will translate into the shots out on the course. All Pros- no matter what tour they play on- always warm up before they play or practice.

Above is Bobby at one of our Impact Zone Golf Schools showing the proper way to get your body warm and loose to begin hitting shots. Stretching and elongating muscles helps increase blood flow into the muscles and get those joints feeling ready to go. A good five to ten minutes of stretching before you begin your range session or a round of golf is the best way to prevent injuries and play your best.

So- next time you play or practice, give yourself some extra time to get to the course or range and spend those extra few minutes getting your body ready to play your best golf. You will see results and feel better before, during, and after your round or practice session.


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  1. HI Bobby,
    I recall during the Porter Cup week in 1978 or ’79 that you gave me a tip on pitch shots. It was to wait until you feel the weigh of the club in your right index finger before pulling down. It works to this day.
    But I never did learn how to hit down on the ball and take that divit after the strike, but so I think you’re on to something. At age 78 I’m not sanguine that I could be taught, although I’m willing to give it a try.
    Going to Sea Pines in Feb. Send me any tips to work on.
    All the best,
    Amy sends her regards.

    Bob Mead

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