How to Deliver The 5 Dynamics into Great Impact!

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A unique, comprehensive online instructional package that covers everything you’ll ever need to master the game of golf – from the fundamentals of proper swing dynamics, drills to hone your skills with every club in the bag, strategy and course management, and so much more.


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Gain Distance

You'll hit every shot more solidly, so you'll hit it farther.


You'll hit it straighter and improve your ball-striking.

lower scores

You'll impress your friends and enjoy the game more.

Explore The IZG Digital Academy

Follow along with PGA Tour Champion Bobby Clampett and start learning how to hit the ball correctly at impact. Before you know it, you will hit the ball longer, more consistent, and have the impact position of a pro!

IZG Training System Bundle

Discover The 5 Keys to Creating Dynamic Impact… The Only Thing That Really Matters in Playing Better Golf! No matter your experience, handicap or skill level, you can develop quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately.
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The 5 Dynamics Digital

Bobby gives a personal demonstration of his revolutionary IMPACT-BASED teaching and the 5 Dynamics essential to becoming a great ball-striker.
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One-On-One Digital

Work “one-on-one” with Bobby as he guides you through the drills and secrets that will help you master the 5 Dynamics.
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The Clinic Digital

Become part of the clinic as Bobby teaches a group of amateur golfers to show how easy it is to improve your impact through the 5 Dynamics.
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The Driver Digital

In this groundbreaking video, Bobby unravels the mysteries and conflicting theories about the Driver, one of the most misunderstood and most important clubs in your bag.
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Clubhead Lag Digital

Bobby describes the reasons why Clubhead Lag is so important to your game, along with simple steps you can take today to strengthen this foundational principle in your existing swing.
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Breakthrough Advanced Digital

Step by step destroys golf's 3 most destructive myths… false thinking that has been burned into your brain through countless repetition by well-meaning, yet mis-guided instruction.
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Assess and Correct Advanced Series Digital

How any golfer, from Sunday hacker to PGA Champion – can reverse-engineer their swing, diagnose what went wrong, and identify the appropriate cure… thus playing better golf not only during that round, but future rounds of golf as well.
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Charting Your Course Strategy Digital

When you take the simple steps Bobby lays out in this program to scope out and create a clear course strategy before you play, you gain the extra confidence you need to make that round the best it can be.
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