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How do I utilize the workhorse for distance?

August 08, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Justin Thomas is the defending Champion at this week’s PGA Championship at Bellerive CC in St. Louis.  Pound for pound, Justin might be the longest hitter on the PGA Tour.  One of the principal reasons is Justin’s ability to use the ground forces to activate his workhorse.

Watch the video as Bobby explains how increasing the workhorse adds power and distance. “Workhorse” is the term Bobby uses to describe the utilization of the ground forces to activate the lower body to deliver club head lag through the Impact Zone.

Make sure to tune-in Bobby as he will be commentating at the PGA for the CBS Sports Network “On the Range” and Direct TV.

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    1. Roy,
      The workhorse is a key deliverer of the dynamics through impact. Good drills are key but depend on the individual and what they do and specifically what they can do better. Not to be solicitous, but private instruction from me or one of my trained Impact-Based® instructors is the best way to answer this question.
      To better impact,

  1. Hi Bobby,

    I’ve enjoyed your information and have a question. I have always struggled to have my divot in front of the ball on iron shots. I always thought it was because of not getting my weight to the front, but even exagerating my weight shift doesn’t seem to help. What helps some is actually focusing my eye to a spot in front of the ball and hovering the club behind the ball at address but that seems to work more for the wedges and short irons only.
    Do you have any advice for this problem?

    1. Mike,
      Yours is a very common problem and the answer lies in your ability to improve the load, lag, workhorse sequence. You’ve only focused on the workhorse, Dynamics # 3 and 4 are key dynamics that work alongside the workhorse to get you a better Dynamic #2 and #5.
      To better impact,

  2. That was very well explained and I can’t wait to try it at the range. It’s something that I wasn’t aware of the way you explained and it makes total sense. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Ralph, like my goal has always been in broadcasting golf events on TV, I want to share with my viewers what they might not already know.
      To better impact,

  3. I just watched the lesson then, went out to the garage to try working my hips down to initiate the downswing. My normal speed with a 5 iron is 80 MPH. It’s is now 86 MPH after about 20 swings and I have hopes of getting it to 90 MPH soon.

    1. Thanks Fred for the plug! Yes, understanding load, lag and the workhorse is key to increasing clubhead speed and doing it in a way that actually improves the Dynamics of Impact!
      To better impact,

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