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What part of the ball are you supposed to look at?

Ben from Minnesota
May 18, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

Great question. This has a lot to do with how you have been trained to play golf.

Most everybody has been told, “keep your eye on the ball.” And in some cases, “keep your eye on the back of the ball.”

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What’s wrong with that?

Simply put, it can send mixed messages to some golfers. Looking at or just behind the ball can sometimes tell your brain that your swing bottom should be AT the ball, instead of 4 inches in front of it (ie: Dynamic #2). Many students find that focusing on a spot in front of the ball, actually improves their impact.

Watch today’s video to see what I mean.

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    1. Sorry John, the answer is that looking at the ball isn’t necessary at all. You focus on a point (whether this is the ball, or possibly a point forward of the ball) that allows your brain to achieve a forward swing bottom. Some people can achieve the 4-inch-in-front swing bottom by looking at the ball. Others must aim their hands (or eyes in some cases) ahead of the ball to achieve it.
      Thank you!
      -the IZG Team

  1. What I don’t understand is if your club is lagging that far behind your hands at impact how is it that you are not hitting the ball with a closed face. And that seems to be what is happening in my case where the loft is decreased.

  2. I have purchased your lag DVD, you want very relaxed arms,wrists,and grip. but in order to hold lag angle for as long as you want there is definitely tention in the wrists as you try to hold this angle. please respond.

  3. I have changed my focus to a spot about 1inch in front of the ball. Since doing this I have not hit a fat shot. As a matter of fact, my golfing buddies comment on how well I am striking the ball. Makes those tiught lies so much easier. Thanks for the great tip.

    1. Swing bottom is stated as in front of ball & text under video, last line , Bobby states that many students find that focusing on a spot in front of the ball really improves their impact!!!!!!!!!!
      Yes it really works .

  4. When I slide my hips I have a problem making good contact,I think I might be doing this without knowing in my swing anyway. Sp when I slide I’M slide ing to much.

  5. Eureka! Genius! I needed to hear this 30 years ago. I’ve been hitting fat shots for that long mostly for that reason I’ll bet. Thank you for the great tip. I’ll b looking to give that a try when we get the thaw sometime around June here in Michigan. Lol!

  6. Keeping your eye on the ball is a myth that was created by some 20 handicapper in the 19th century. You can stand on your head and keep your eye on the ball. You can shift your body and form it into a golf pretzel and still keep your eye on the ball. Head movement is what you should be worrying about. If the head isn’t a pretty darn good pivot (your head doesn’t have to stay statue still) your swings will be inconsistent, never reaching the bottom of your swing arc in the same place. Just my former 6 handicap opinion.

    1. Head movement is a style. Great players vary in head movements. No question, however, than head movement can affect swing bottom, Dynamic #2.

  7. Bobby, I agree 100% with the aim point for iron play. No question about it. Let’s talk about teeing off with the driver or perhaps even a fairway wood from the fairway. With the right shoulder lower to promote an upward swing with the driver, shouldn’t the aim point in fact, be the ball or even behind it ? How about with a wood or hybrid off of the fairway ?

    Many thanks for the Five Fundamentals. They DO work !

    1. Ellis,
      I prefer to teach my students to make as little modification as possible for the driver, that’s contrary to popular belief in the industry where most instructors and clubfitters teach golfers to hit up on the ball with the driver. Better to have a good driver fit for your swing than to modify your swing to fit the driver. My Advanced DVD #1, The Driver, answers many of these questions in detail.

  8. Question for Bobby:

    You have the little leg flex right before your takeaway. Is this:
    A) Simply your “swing trigger” to start the swing?
    B) Used to help you “activate” your legs.

    THANKS, Bobby. Lawson

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