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Just give it to me straight: how do I hit it far?!

May 08, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

That’s a simple question and yet there is so much to it.

When you’re hitting it far, it’s vital to maintain accuracy using the 5 dynamics. Producing dynamic impact allows for maximum margin of error, consistency, and accuracy.

But when you’re looking to increase your distance your question becomes: “How do you create more speed but still maintain the 5 dynamics?“.

The key lies within dynamics 3 and 4 as they work both collectively and individually to increase club head speed. Loading the club (dynamic #3) and being able to maintain your quality of lag (dynamic #4) will work together to increase your club head speed.

When you can maintain better quality and quantity of lag, the maximum acceleration point will move closer to the ball which adds yards of distance to your swing. Watch today’s video below for my demonstration, and click the link below to learn directly from me at one of my Signature Golf Schools!


***YES! I want to transform my game!***

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