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It’s hard to learn to trust this lag as I move from wedges to the driver. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

May 30, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

You bring up an excellent point, John. The timing sequence to develop proper lag IS different from club to club, particularly as it relates to the length of the club. Longer clubs take slightly more time to get to the fully loaded position. They key is to TRUST that lag is key to improving your impact, and to understand that it will feel slightly different depending on the club you’re using. I demonstrate in today’s video.

And… if you’re looking for more drills to create quality lag, head here: Drills For Lag.


  1. By timing with driver does it help to pause slightly at the end of the backswing to set the lag position?

    Also for driver is ball 3 inches from left heel ( right handed) as for other clubs?

  2. Great tip Bobby! One thing I also tried and work on my swing is that I use a regular flex for Iron clubs and stiff for my fairway and driver club. Is this a correct logic so I can keep the same lag (almost) between my short and long clubs?

  3. Is there a cure for an inside and out swing. If so please inform me. Help my devits are about 10 oclock.

  4. Avatar
    Robert A. Zimmerman

    I am a 90 year-old male who has played golf since I was 9 years old in 1936. I have had a single-digit handicap. I have belonged to clubs such as the Oakmont CC. I have been a university golf coach. I have lived in Florida now for 21 years and belong to a club that has five golf courses. Most of my scores in recent times are in the upper 80’s. I walk laps in my swimming pool to stay physically capable to play golf having waded over 2,800 miles in the last eight years

  5. I am 90% blind with no left side vision in either eye, and because of this problem I can not read green slopes correctly. do you possibly have any suggestions. I live on disability so I can’t afford your schools, although I wish I could. I watch all of your videos and do my best to follow your advise.
    Thank You,

    Kevin Jenkins

  6. I like to watch you swing because your flexibility and your height makes it look soooo easy for you to get your club to that full parallel-to-the ground position at the top. And the separation that you get between your hips and your shoulders makes it look like you really increase the lag on the downswing. Thing is – we older (70+) and shorter guys are not built like you and we don’t have anywhere near the flexibility of the fit young players, so for us, swinging with lots of lag is just about impossible. I do try, but I’ve hit tons of buckets of range balls and it just ain’t happening. Having said all that, I have learned that I must ALWAYS begin the downswing with my lower body and I have to turn all the way thru to a proper finish. When I fail at that (at least half the time or more), I hit fats and thins. Golf is a very hard game to play well and it’s the only game I’ve ever played that I just cannot seem to do.

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