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A Tribute to Hubert Green

June 22, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

I am so saddened of the passing of Hubert Green this week. I’ve mentioned Hubert many times and even have shared stories about him in “The Impact Zone.” Hubert and I spent some time together, especially in my early years on tour. He might be the best chipper out of Bermuda Grass I had ever seen. Remembering the times I played with him in Hawaii, Jackson, Mississippi and others, reminds me of how many great chip shots he hit. But he was also a very accurate ball striker with great impact and a most unusual “style” of swing.

When I was recently visiting the Golf Channel, I recorded this segment about Hubert that I would like to share with you as a tribute to my friend.


  1. I have difficulty hitting the ball first on 6-SW shots (I use hybrids for other irons, no problem). I either hit behind the ball, or hit just the ball with no turf.

    Some tips please, including where should my eyes be focused on the down swing, e.g. back of the ball, top of the ball, turf behind the ball, etc.

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