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Two things: I’ve been using the DVDs for practice and hit more fairways than ever before. On my first round out I shot a 76 with ZERO birdies! The problem is I think I’m over doing it now. Trying to feel the lag, swing hard, and not use my arms-I’m kind of stuck a lot and not sure if I should only use the lag for my full swing. Please help!




July 14, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

Great question, Joel!

It’s never possible to have too much lag, so we can rule that out right away.

You mentioned something really interesting-the feeling of getting stuck. What is that? 

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The feeling of getting stuck is primarily the result of a rearward swing bottom. I have a hunch that this problem is giving you more trouble than you think.

Listen to what I have to say in the video below.

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  1. Can’t make a complete turn because of back issues. What can I do to still hit the ball. Not looking for distance just consistency. I tend to shank my irons

  2. Hi,

    Surely its possible to have too much lag. You have to be able to unload it. So you need to match your deceleration and your body speed with how much lag you have and how late you unload it.

  3. That’s a very poor attempt at explaining why backing your right foot up changes your swing bottom. So, what is the proper change if you do back your right foot to understand how far back you should place your ball at the beginning of the swing.

    1. Hi Mark, Bobby is currently in Naples. He teaches both at our IZG Academy there, as well as our World HQ there. Please call 239-236-5536 to schedule a lesson or register for a school. Thanks!
      -IZG Team

  4. Thanks for your series of tips! Even at 87, you’ve helped my game.
    I was satisfied that with my current goal–playing 850 golf courses in all states & 9 countries including courses where 3 of the 4 majors were played.
    With the tips from Clampett’s Corner, I’m going for 900.

  5. I must disagree with his analogy for too much lag. Too much lag has screwed up my swing big time. Instructors drill in the need for massive lag to hit it far, but, If I can’t unload it in time at the ball…then there is too much lag. I have to feel like I unload it behind my right hip…otherwise I can’t upload it in time.

    1. Jennifer, Your problem is not too much lag, but rather that your impact isn’t where it needs to be.

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