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Style based solutions for an Impact Based problem…no results

Bill Hammill
November 07, 2015

Bobby’s Answer

We don’t hit the ball with our backswing…we hit it with IMPACT!  Style based instruction has caused a lot of golfers a lot of problems over the years.  But the biggest thing I see is that style based instruction has caused golfers to incorrectly assess themselves when they hit shots, leading them down a road of trying new things that aren’t even close to being relevant to their enjoyment of the game.


  1. Bobby, I love your tips and training ideas. Is there any reason why your videos cannot be made to go to a full screen viewing so it’s easier to watch what you’re doing?

  2. I’ve had some success by studying you videos and working with Bernie Sheridan. Never the less getting to the impact zone and especially effective workhorse seems to depend on load and lag technique and the position of the body (weight etc.) at the top of the swing. I’m still fighting for more consistency but am excited by achieving proper impact position after more than 60 years of playing golf.

  3. Qrecently I noticed a long standing fault. When trying to drive with legs from top I caught a severe tilt caused by this. A pure lateral and slow move let my arms drop and bring the club down the line correctly, the shaft, that is. Just thought you might could use this to help everyone as you help me with lot of things on impact zone dvd

  4. I’m still slicing my driver I can hit my irons straight , I think I’m cutting across the ball & have tried to swing to the right but that haven’t helped much any ideas ?
    Thanks Clark & I really enjoy your lessons.

  5. Bobby: on my wedding honeymoon in 1994 I played Cypress and took a lesson from Ben Doyle, Ben would say leverage not leakage. In holding the angle, lag, when people get over 60 can be hard on the back , the tilt back. We did the sand drill.
    Your comments. Wishing you well .
    Quail loves you . With our only child. Nick

  6. I am almost 70 and usually shoot in the mid 80’s. How do I obtain proper lag without hooding the club face? It seems the more I try to achieve the divot being 3-4 inches in front of the ball, the more I seem to hood and hit low shots.

  7. I’m a right handed player with a tendency to push the ball to the left like a “pull hitter in baseball. How do I prevent this from happening?

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