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Should the “workhorse” be a Dynamic since Bobby talks about it so often?

August 29, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Bob recently wrote in and asked Bobby if the “workhorse” should be a dynamic since Bobby discusses the workhorse a lot? Why is it so important and how can you make yours better?

If you want to see someone who really engages the workhorse, tune in the the Dell Technologies Championship this week and watch the defending champion, Justin Thomas.

In this video, Bobby talks about how important the Workhorse and why… he isn’t adding any more or taking any of the Five Dynamics out!

If you need a refresher: Workhorse is the term Bobby uses to describe the utilization of the ground forces to activate the lower body to deliver club head lag through the Impact Zone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your golf experience, but I have a question. I am 83 years of age, play once a week
    am left handed with two hip replacements, a torn tendon in my left arm and an old football injury from playing in the 1960s. Do you think that there is room for improvement for me or should I just be content
    to enjoy the game and play “hit it and get it golf”?

    1. Mike,
      I am a firm believer that EVERYONE can improve their impact, regardless of their age, physical abilities, or any handicap. I’ve worked with wounded warriors missing limbs and watched as their impact got better. No excuses! That’s the strength of my teaching system, it’s not “style-based”. Therefore, everyone can improve.

  2. Bobby – David Ericsson emailed this question today in response to this Clampett’s Corner.
    I love the weekly instructional tips. I also attended one of your two days schools and never hit my irons better. Here is my question. I seem to not take much of a divot, If I do it’s more like a bacon strip. I must be a picker of the ball. Is this ok?

    1. David,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for the nice testimonial about your iron improvement. If you recall from the Assess/Correct Clinic during the school, we discussed how to evaluate divots and that the first step in evaluating a divot is properly identifying the low point, which should be 4 inches forward of the center of the ball in average turf conditions. The second step was understanding where the divot should start, that is, at the center of the ball. If the divot does these two things, it is the right size. Pickers usually have a low point that is not 4 inches in front.
      To better impact, Bobby

    1. Robert,
      With all due respect, almost all top players in the game move their head and purposely don’t try to keep their heads down. Trying to keep your head down is one of the greatest KILLERS of dynamic impact. I explain at great lengths in my Advanced DVD #2, Breakthrough, available for immediate streaming on our impactzonegolf.com store. To better impact, Bobby

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