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Can you give me some tips on reading longer putts?

John Arnold
November 07, 2015

Bobby’s Answer

Putting is such an important aspect of the game that it really requires an in-depth understanding, and a lot of people struggle to comprehend how to make putts the longer they get. PGA Trophies (and friendly wagers) are won on the putting greens by those who can turn a 20-foot shot into a 2-putt or better.

I find that the most common mistake people make is that they under read long putts.

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Golfers do a good job of identifying the break, but they don’t read the entire putt and fail to realize just how much the putt is going to break.

So what’s the solution?

The key is to be patient, walk around the entire green and visualize the slope to read the entire putt from start to finish.

To see how reading the entire green can improve your short game, watch the video below.

***Want to learn the “3-ingredients of putting” I mention in today’s video? Come see me at one of my Signature Golf Schools!***



  1. My son seems to always push the ball to the right. even with irons. what might be the cause? Not a sclice but a push.

    1. The most common cause of the “Push ” to the right is the slide forwards of the body during the downswing .

  2. Well, I am new to golf as my mentor died last year. I have clubs and I plan to play again this year. I am getting better and my shots are longer and my putting is improving.

  3. Nice tip, except for the last statement about walking around the entire hole. For the vast majority of amateurs that’s not going to make a big difference and it will just slow down play even more than it is now. How many times have you seen an amateur labor over a long putt only to leave it way long or blow it way past??? A better suggestion would be for players to look at the entire green on their way to the ball so they have a general sense of the break in the putt.

  4. When I try to hit a fade or a draw, do I make my aiming point (divot) 4 inches to the right or left of the ball?


    “Simple King’s English: “Putt to the (tangent’s), “High Point;”” letting gravity finish to its own line.””

  6. Sometimes you just need to feel it. Ever just walk up to the ball and putt it into the hole without even thinking about the distance, the line or the break. The ball always seems to go into the hole. I’ve done it on 20 footers. Try it you might like it. Putting is technical but you really need to feel the putt.

  7. HELLO I’m 3 hcp I need some consistency in my game I want to know what is best for me you cds series or personal lesson ?

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