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How to negotiate a left-to-right crosswind?

July 25, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

The Senior Open Championship is being contested this week at St. Andrews.  One of the most difficult approach shots players will face is the second shot into the famed “Road Hole”, the 17th,.  Often times, the wind is blowing left to right, making the second shot even more difficult.  Bobby reveals some tips on how to shape the ball right to left into this type of cross-wind to improve accuracy and get the ball closer to the hole.  Using the 17th hole at St. Andrews in the simulator, I demonstrate how to negotiate a left-to-right crosswind by playing a slight hook into the wind.

We recently built an amazing simulator at the World Headquarters Indoor Studio in Naples, and it’s now available for play and lessons.  Come on in, the weather is always perfect, even though the course might have adverse weather! 

Call 239-236-5536 for a round on the simulator or to schedule lessons and make sure you don’t miss out on your last chance to take a Signature School with Bobby this summer at Catamount Ranch & Club in Steamboat Springs, July 28 and 29 – learn more here.

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