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Where does the left hand go after being flat at impact? What is its path?

September 20, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Great questions John,

Ideally, hitting the ball with a rotational motion will bring the club face to Dynamic #1: Flat-lead wrist and forward shaft lean. From this point, the workhorse will continue but the wrists will not manually manipulate the club into the ball. The release will occur when the body (not wrists) are squared with the golf ball.

Squaring the club face is all about the body, not the wristsManipulating the wrists can lead to all sorts of issues at impact. To see what I mean, watch the video below.



  1. Nice! Forget release and concentrate on completing the body turn to target then? Almost too simple to believe. Giving that a try this afternoon. Hope it works for this old guy!! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for a great answer to my question Bobby.
    So as a drill would you recommend a parallel to the ground back swing, stop, to parallel to the ground through swing, just practicing that motion of driving the body/workhorse with a flat left wrist?
    Are there any self checks I could do to ensure correct positioning?

  3. ,Bobby ,I’m sorry I don’t fully agree with you about the left wrist having nothing to do during impact .
    Many golf teachers (MIKE BENDER ,PAUL WILSON among others ) recommend to “snap” the left wrist at the bottom of the swing ,which means turning it over so the left palm shows upwards after imoact .When you measure with a Swing speed radar the speed of the clubhead at impact point and the speed after the impact point,you see that the clubhead accelerates doing so .

  4. I have been told by a teaching pro that I need to rotate my lead wrist counterclockwise as I start my downswing in order to square the Club face and de-loft the club to get more distance. This is causing me problems and causing erratic shots. Help!

  5. This is exactly what I and my instructor are working on. Very simple concept, but hard to not instinctly hit at the ball with the hands, as I was taught for so many years. When I do this correctly…it’s effortless and I make solid contact. It feels like a one piece, connected motion through impact…body rotation by turning the hips while the hands remain passive. Great advice.

  6. Subject: Left hand flat at impact
    At address, if I have 2 or 3 knuckles showing on my left hand and then return to a flat left wrist
    at impact, doesn’t that result to a closed club face at impact? Would it be best to have a flat left
    wrist at address ?
    Thank you

  7. Hi, I am Tom from Perth, Western Australia. I am 64 and trying to learn your techniques around the impact zone. I have a limited swing due to arthritis and move laterally to try to get more.
    My inclination is to swing harder, so these changes are a struggle. Does the right hand push through at impact or is it just the body rotation.
    It looks like a stiff left arm and hand through impact so what gets club head speed? I am missing something

  8. Great question and answer. Struggles with the same which made me realize my body stopped rotating. Important note as Bobby illustrates in the swing. The importance of the left shoulder continues to go up and back due to the rotation. Bobby does a great job of explaining the 4″ swing bottom but I really didn’t get it until I watched a video with Monty hitting the ball off a tee. The divot started an inch or two after the tee and continued 4 to 6 inches past that. Eye opening.

  9. What about those of us who cup the lead wrist? Not sure why I do it and I’ve tried to forcefully practice not doing it, but I’m not getting it done. I know it causes me problems with accuracy and consistency and and would love a drill to help me correct it.

  10. Bobby. Thanks for all your tips and I believe in the swing bottom in front of the ball wholeheartedly. When I do it right my iron play is very good. I have trouble applying it to my driver. How can I do that better?

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