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How can I hit a low spin wedge shot?

April 17, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Bobby here,

During my coverage on the show,  “Holes 15 & 16” for CBS Sports during the recent Masters coverage, I joined millions of viewers who watched incredulous as Sergio Garcia, the defending champion, put 5 balls into the water on the 15th hole during the first round. Four of those shots spun back into the water with a low-trajectory, high-spinning wedge shot.

This is also the same shot that works well on the 7th hole at Pebble Beach, site of this year’s U.S. Amateur Championship. I thought it would be helpful to show you how to hit this critically important shot to your advantage.

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While using the knowledge I’m sharing here to effectively control distance and direction with the wedge will make you a better player, it’s also essential that you play for the extra spin or you could wind up experiencing your own “Masters meltdown” with the same fate as Sergio. No disrespect to Sergio, one of the greatest players of his generation and a green jacket holder, but we can all learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of even the world’s best golfers!


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  1. Bobby: Does catching it on the second or third groove mean you hit it a little “thin” and don’t take much of a divot?

    1. Dennis,
      Yes, just like when we do the tic-tac-toe drill. When the low point is four inches, we can still hit fat or thin shots. The thin shots will have a smaller divot, the fat ones a larger divot. For these wedges, we want the smaller divot that actually starts “after” the ball not at the ball, but the low point is the same. Standing taller at address is the most simple way to accomplish this.
      To better impact,

  2. How do you expect your viewing audience to hit a shot between the 2nd and 3rd grooves?
    Explain how to do that please.

    1. Mike,
      Once you have the 5 dynamics, it’s easy to make a simple posture change at address to take a smaller divot and hit the ball a little lower on the clubface. Stand a little more “erect” in your posture and make the same swing. This is a more advanced move and something that Tour Players do all the time. Sometimes my Clampett’s Corner are directed more towards the high handicapers, other times, they are directed more to the low handicapers. Clearly this was the later, but all can benefit if they have the 5 Dynamics!

  3. How can we spread the word on “impact”…can we purchase a golf shirt with your logo to get the discussion started?

    1. Thank you Dean, call Andrew in our Headquarters at 239-236-5536 and he can send you a hat, towel or other logoed items. Thanks for supporting impact-based® instruction.

  4. Hi Bobby, I notice you take the handle low and left post impact, a really modern rotational release. Are you swinging or hitting? Especially on pitch shots it’s also evident. Do you take pressure point four through impact? Are you hands controlled pivot and if so, how do you get so much body rotation? And on pitch shots do you think about hinge action?

    Loads of questions, sorry!

    1. Hi David,
      Lot’s of questions here and clearly you have a Golfing Machine background. It’s easy to get “off track” in looking at the swing from all these “Machine” perspectives. Also, I shy away from “styles” and focus on what is happening at impact, as we are all different and should embrace our individual styles. Your view of my handle low and left post impact is simply maintaining clubhead lag that is delivered by the workhorse. PP#4 keeps the left arm on the chest as this happens. The hands controlled pivot your refer to is really subjective, because I do both hands controlling the pivot and pivot controlling the hands throughout the swing. Hinge action is the result of maintaining the lag and delivering with the workhorse, so it’s more of an “Angled” hinge from the Golfing Machine. From an impact perspective, the less the face is rotating through impact, the better face control you will have and thus the straighter shots you will hit. Hope that helps! To better impact, Bobby

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