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May 24, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Congrats again to Webb Simpson on his big win at this year’s Player’s Championship, his 5th career victory and first in four years on the PGA Tour.

Last week I looked at his putting, this week I’ll focus on his swing. I first met Webb when his coach, Ted Kiegiel, invited me to speak to a group of juniors in his home in Raleigh, NC, back when Webb was in high school. I watched Webb hit some shots with Ted at Carolina Country Club in Raleigh. Webb possessed amazing club head lag in his downswing and a great “workhorse”, which is a term I use to describe the utilization of the ground forces to activate the lower body to deliver club head lag through the Impact Zone. That “workhorse” was result of Ted’s a sixth-degree black belt/martial art background showing up in Webb’s swing.

Webb might have the best “workhorse” on Tour. It’s the key to his successful ball striking, accurate driving and wonderfully sustaining Dynamics #1 and #4 through impact. It’s worth taking a look at what makes it so good.

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  1. Avatar
    Patrick Napolitano

    I can’t get rid of the “swaying” action When I try to utilize the Workhorse…I have good lag and I make good impact past the ball but swaying makes my club face open up and my ball flight go right.how do I stop this???

    1. Pat,
      Three options: Change your grip, change your workhorse, change your release. If the last two are satisfactory and producing good elements of impact, then strengthening your grip is the answer.

    2. Pat,
      I don’t think you are assessing the problem correctly. You must work from impact backwards. How does the swaying affect your impact must be understood. Without seeing, I can’t help. If you can’t come see me in person (always best), let’s do an online lesson. Call 239-236-5536 to sign up for either.

  2. I’m one of your subscribers. I’m 70 yrs and have limitations to my flexibility in my hips and back. I’m a 14 handicap. I slice every shot or cone over the top. I’m trying to get the workhorse going but finding it really difficult.
    Also, when I hit down on my driver bad things happen! What adjustments should be made in the dynamics for drivers??
    Any tips on how to set up or do anything differently that might help??

    1. Richard,
      We work often with Seniors with flexibility issues. The key is we don’t change your style of swing nor do we get you to make moves your body won’t allow. Your key is pairing up Dynamics #2 and #5. It’s an artificial way to move the swing bottom more forward when the path is out to in. The problem is augmented with the driver since the forward swing bottom increases backspin with the driver and reduces distance. Focus on improving Dynamic #5 first, then work on improving Dynamic #2.

    2. Richard,
      Yours is a common concern as people age. The workhorse has to be understand from a “what can the player do” perspective and a good instructor has that ability to see that. Dynamic #5 looks to be a concern for you and can use some fixing for your game to improve, especially with the driver.

    1. Gary,
      Low Trajectory is 100% related to conditions at impact causing it. The possibilities are:
      1. Where the ball is being struck on the face
      2. Angle of attack
      3. Clubhead Speed
      Once I could see your impact, I would work backwards from there to fix the issue of low trajectory. Sometimes equipment can help too.

    2. Gary,
      What’s your clubhead speed with the driver? That plays a key role in the peak height of shots with longer clubs. The key is get dynamic impact first, then get club fit properly to your dynamic impact. Come see us in Naples with our clubfitting partner, Club Champion.

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