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Hi Bobby,

I strike the ball on the sweet spot, most when I keep my left arm straight on the back swing. This shows me my true flexibility- or should I say lack of! And I can only turn about to the 9 o’clock, or parallel to the ground position. I’m 66 and play four or five times a week. Where does the straight-left arm fit in your impact teaching, or does it?

September 26, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Hi Mike,

Typically having a straight left arm is something that most people hear all the time. Well, Calvin Peete never used a straight left arm and players today like Jordan Spieth break their left arm on the through swing. The list goes on and on…

So to answer your question, while I would not advocate doing this, you can create dynamic impact with a bent left arm. However, the greater concern is how you load the club.

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I see people all the time who load the club with their left arm instead of using their wrists. Well, Dynamic #3 is all about loading the club in the back swing using your wrists and not the elbow. Without the proper mechanics, the result is a dysfunctional and inconsistent loading of the club.

Having an understanding of how to use your wrists to load your club is essential to a swing with great impact. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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  1. As we lose flexibility when we get older it is harder and harder not to bend the left arm. And I do so but I do load the left wrist. I just played Tuesday after 4 weeks of non-golfing vacation and a minor injury to my left hand (righthander) that made full swings painful.

    I played surprisingly well probably because I went back to all my fundamentals and ignored other things.

    But a pattern of misses did occur.

    It was the fattish shot. I had attributed to inattention in my setup. But your video reminded me that I hadn’t been inattentive. That leaves the variable of my left arm bend.

    If I worry about keeping the left arm straight, then I restrict the ease, flow and depth of my backswing. If I “let” the left arm bend and concentrate on the wrist set, things go better and my usual very consistent (if short) game appears.

    Any tips drills etc on how to make a consistent “soft” left arm? (If that is the cure?)

  2. Hi Bobby, I have been working to develop a body friendly swing using Don Trehan’s methodology, but I just can’t seem to get to work for me. I do have a bad lower back and I am 71 years of age with some other restrictions. I have been following your program and I have basically two direct questions: is your program body friendly for us old folks with bad backs; and is it simple enough to implement using your internet information? I seem to get Don’s program to work but I loose it quickly even though it does seem simple to me. I desperately want to find a program where I can have a swing that is not too stressful on my body and not too complicated for this old brain. I look forward to your thoughts and comparisons.

  3. ONLY WITH MY DRIVER, I impact the ball substantially below and to the left of the center of the clubface, of course losing a great deal of distance. I know this is the case having use Dr Schools foot powder on several of my clubs. HELP

  4. Morning,
    If you maintain your lag through the impact area and there is no “release” until after the body rotation, what actually controls the distance you hit your shots…..turning the workhorse slower or faster? Does a faster “workhorse” increase swing speed and hit the ball farther; i.e. the driver? For instance, I have the training aid “impact snap” and it gets you to the correct impact position but doesn’t really aid in completing the swing?

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