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Just watched your lesson on how to cure the shanks. Frequently on the driving range and just once in a while on the golf course with a mid iron I hit a ball that goes low and almost immediately to the right. I keep thinking it is because my club face is way open. I think this because if it was a shank I could feel the ball hit the hosel. Also, I feel that it only happens when I let my body shift laterally too far forward on the the down swing. Could I be right?

February 06, 2017

Bobby’s Answer


If the shot goes low and very right, it is likely that it is a shank. Sometimes the feeling of moving too much laterally also induces a move with the body outward, toward the golf ball (a loss of posture). When you lose your posture, your body moves out onto your toes and closer to the golf ball, resulting in a shot off the heel or hosel. To cure this, I would focus on shifting my weight into my left heel, via more activation of the workhorse.


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