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I’ve been told that the loft on the putter affects ball roll. Is this true?

September 03, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Yes, Steve, loft on the putter and the angle of attack are the two biggest factors needed to optimize effective ball roll, that keeps the ball rolling smoothly on top of the green and reducing skid. When one does this, they control line and speed better. Check this out! I did a little test with two different lofted putters one rainy day in our putt lab in Naples.


  1. Bobby, Is there any chance you will have a Impact golf session in southern Idaho. Is impact golf helpful for those of us over 70?

    1. You never know, but none are currently in the plan. Coming to me in California or Florida is your closest and best options.
      To better impact,

  2. Though it seems unnatural and counterintuitive ,I’ve read from one of the best putters (Don’t remember who it was SEVE BALLESTEROS or BEN CRENSHAW, unless it was from South African Genius putter BOBBY LOCKE,or great Woman Us CHAMPION MICKEY WRIGHT ) that you should HIT DOWN on the ball and NOT UP when putting .
    You say the exact reverse …
    So the loft of the putter should be of no importance .
    Whether the ball does skid or not in the first inches is also of no importance

    1. Raymond,
      You bring up some good points but you must understand the era in which these comments were made. Greens were very slow and ball roll was not a critical as today with green speed over 12 on the stemp meter. Additionally, we now have great technologies that allow us to measure ball roll and it’s effectiveness. We’re in a new era!
      To better impact,

    1. Colin,
      I find that many students are riddled with needless thoughts that don’t serve them in any positive manner. Sticking to impact-based principles simplifies the message, clears the head and gets rid of overthinking.
      To better impact,

  3. Bobby,
    I really enjoy your videos. How do you tell how much loft your, putter has, as they don’t advertise it when you purchase a putter.

    1. Any reputable putting lab would be able to do that. It has to be measured. 3 degrees of loft is the industry standard. We can do it in our putt lab as well.
      To better impact,

  4. You mentioned in one of your videos about lagging the putter head. Would you please demonstrate how you that. And maybe some drills. Thanks.

    1. Richard,
      I purposely don’t get into my style of putting as I am not style-based in my approach to teaching. How much lag people produce in putting varies greatly, even among the top putters in the world. I feel if I were to show my stroke and discuss how I putt, I would be throwing golfers right back into their “style-based” state of mind of which I am trying to break them.
      To better impact,

  5. I am convinced that the most important part of the swing is the moment of impact, taking a divot over the next 4 inches. Armed with that knowledge and trying to make it happen is not so easy. What is your best recommendation on how to make this consistently happen?
    Great insight into the most important 4 inches of golf… pb

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