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Is Iron Fitting Important to Impact?

November 07, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Fall is here and it’s a time when many golfers start to slow down. Taking care of your equipment is important. Loft and Lie angles on your irons can change slightly during the season. Bobby would always get his checked after each Tour Season.  Many golfers have never gotten their irons loft and lied at all.

Bobby explains why proper iron fitting is so important to get the best results with your Dynamic Impact.


    1. Gerardo,
      Excellent Question and clearly you will get differing opinions among instructors around the world on this one! I have very strong opinions on this issue. Without getting into the detail, the more you can deliver the lagging club into the ball with the “workhorse” the more powerful and the more consistent you will be.
      To better impact,

  1. I own a set of Adams irons (a12os) with 6-4 hybrides. I was told these irons could not be adjusted. I have no trouble hitting the 7 on up as they lie properly however when I pick up the 6 on up I can’t seem to hold the club properly as they look like I’m going to pull or hook the shot. Would you on some future program before the next golf season please show us how to hold this club correctly. Thanks in advance and keep the instructions coming. They have helped me so much in the past. Brian

    1. Thank you Brian, If your clubs are fitted properly, you should not have to make any adjustments for your 6 iron on up. Keep it simple!
      To better impact,

    1. Hi Jo Ann,
      I’m not familiar with clubfitting options in Tampa. All I know is that Club Champion does a terrific job at our indoor HQ in Naples. Let them know I sent you!
      To better impact,

  2. I play 14 sets – all set up for flatness as much as possible – old blades from the 50s & 60s – it takes about 3 swings to adjust to the set up of each set – fitting seems like a great scam for bilking money out of foolish people that think they can buy a golf swing.

    1. KB,
      That may be a bit of a strong statement, but clearly improving your impact will make the biggest difference in your game. After your impact is good, then get club fit. That’s where you get the biggest difference.
      To better impact,

    1. Rob,
      I have many students who are one plane swingers. You can certainly create good impact with a one plane or a two plane swing. The answer to better golf lies in the golfer’s ability to create better impact, not their “style” of swing.
      To better impact,

  3. Bobby,

    I have always been a lower handicap until a had a injury on my bike 9pedal) and had surgery on my right shoulder, left, and left knee & left upper rib. Went from 4 to a 10-12 handicap. NOT FINDING THE INPACT ZONE ANYMORE. I have problem finding the path I once had.

    1. Jim,
      Clearly injuries can affect impact. The key is to understand where your impact currently is and how to get back to “Dynamic Impact”. There is hope!!
      To better impact,

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