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No question this week. I was recently interviewed by my friend Ricky Potts and we discussed a variety of topics that you’ll be interested in. Enjoy!

September 05, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

I was recently interviewed by my friend Ricky Potts on the Golf Radio Network.

Ricky and I discussed a variety of subjects that I know you will find interesting and helpful to your game.


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  1. Iam raising my right heal early on the downing making my head come up and back and my hips move forward! do you know a cure? Or a drill?

    1. Dan,
      I would have to see exactly how you are raising your right heel and how that is affecting your impact. From my experience, most amateurs completely mis diagnose their issues and thus never improve. Proper diagnose always starts with understanding what proper impact is, where your impact is and working backwards from there. To better impact, Bobby

  2. Avatar
    Kurt Bischofberger

    Kurt Bischofberger here! I love what you do and how you teach us to use the workhorse, forward lean of shaft and of course, LAG! Question: what is it going to take to convince the Charly Rymers, the Sir NIck Faldo’s to no longer mention on TV that a golf ball flew through the air without any backspin? They continuously mention that when a ball hits the ground “hot” running forward and “out” that there was no backspin on the ball, therefore the “hot” running ball? Rather than them making stupid and inappropriate statements like that, have them say the ball was hit with LESS backspin, i.e. wet conditions, tall grass, etc. We know from the Bernoulli principle that a golf ball can not fly without backspin. Bobby, can you help me out with this, please? Sincerely, Kurt
    PS: I have reached out to the VP of NBC Sports, production managers at the Golf Channel – to no avail!

    1. Hi Kurt,
      Long time no speak! How are you??? If I comment about this and throw might colleagues under the bus, that would not be good. I think they are calling “flyers” as no backspin shots. You are correct that all shots hit in the air have backspin. Flyers just have a lower backspin rate and thus don’t stop when they land on firm greens. To better impact, Bobby

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